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We retail three brands of light commercial vehicles: French brand Peugeot for vans, and Chinese brands Great Wall Wingle and Maxus for pickups and vans respectively. Between them these three brands cover every eventuality, from 4x4 pick-ups and small cargo vans up to 18-seater minivans and vehicles that can be customised for use as chiller vans, wheelchair access vehicles, ambulances and school mini buses.


  1. We’ve had a Maxus G10 modified for wheelchair access since October of last year, and so far our experience has been excellent. I have been very pleasantly surprised by the ride quality and driving experience. It doesn’t feel like a big van, it’s comfortable and nice to drive. In terms of quality and value-for-money, I would highly recommend the Maxus van conversion. I haven’t seen anything else on the market that can match it.
    Emma Copson
  2. Maxus vans are good for driving for long periods, as they run smoothly and are comfortable on the road. They also use much less diesel fuel compared to other similar vehicles.
    Company : Beaver Gulf
  3. I am very happy with the Maxus V80 van we bought from Al Naboodah Group Enterprises, and 100 percent satisfied with the quality of services provided. Our treatment by the staff at the service centre is very nice and I always receive the vehicle in good time.
    Company : Potential Electromechnical
  4. We use a Wingle for the day-to-day needs of our family, transporting groceries, equipment or furniture, whatever is required. It’s an extremely useful and reliable vehicle, and we have had no problems with it whatsoever in over 20,000 kilometres.
    Shaikha Al Naboodah
  5. I am very satisfied with Wingle's products and services. The vehicle's consumption of petrol is low compared to other brands, and it also has a more powerful engine and structure. I have been using it for more than one year and so far I have come across no issues.
    Mr Shah Hussain from Al Khaznah - Company (Al Ain)
  6. I like the Wingle pickup because it is less expensive than its competitors. Also, the service facilities are very nice, and if there are any issues, they are sorted out and cleared quickly.
  7. I have been using a Wingle pickup for the last four years. The vehicle is very comfortable, and I feel relaxed driving it even on long journeys. The AC performance is good, always cooling well. I mostly drive the vehicle to Abu Dhabi and Dubai from Al Ain, and I haven't come across any overheating issues at all. I have used the standard tyres for about three years without any issues.
    Mr Rasheed
  8. We have been using Wingle pickups for more than two years now. The vehicle has proven very commercially viable for us, providing positive returns on mileage. The fuel consumption and maintenance costs are within our budget, and the support from the team at ANGE has been excellent. In addition, feedback from our customers has been good as well.
    Jayan Warrier - FInance and Administration manager Progress Rent a Car

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