To Whom It May Concern:

It has recently been brought to our attention that a number of individuals and / or commercial entities have been attempting to set up potentially fraudulent transactions using various Al Naboodah Group company names.

Typically, an individual will approach a supplier purporting to represent Al Naboodah Group Enterprises LLC, or one of its subsidiaries. The approach is usually made via email using an email address that is designed to give the appearance of being from a bona fide commercial entity:


None of the Al Naboodah Group entities use a ‘Gmail’ (or any other personal emails, such as ‘Hotmail’ or ‘Outlook’) as means of conducting commercial transactions. Accordingly, we would advise any individual or company that receives any suspicious emails not to enter into any financial transactions with the individuals concerned and to notify Al Naboodah Group Enterprises LLC at the following email address:

Unfortunately, it is extremely difficult for us to prevent individuals or companies attempting to use our corporate names and / or our company logos as a means of trying to enter into bogus transactions. Consequently, it is very important for third parties to be particularly diligent in avoiding cyber-crime of this nature. If you are unsure as to the identity of any party which approaches you, you should undertake further enquiries and / or contact the Al Naboodah Group directly.

Regrettably, Al Naboodah Group Enterprises LLC (or its subsidiaries) cannot be held liable for loss or damage to any third party which enters into fraudulent transactions with any entities which are not part of Al Naboodah Group of companies.

Al Naboodah Group Enterprises LLC